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June 25, 2009

Shower Wheelchairs

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Buying a Shower Wheelchair

The modern world is very much friendly and conducive to all people. While in the past, handicapped people are in an utmost disadvantage in all aspects of life, now, disable people are given more importance. What other importance could be more significant than giving handicapped people the chance to become independent even in just several ways? There is a shower wheelchair available in the market that would surely be of great help.

It is a common fact that a person confined to a wheelchair would only be allowed to take limited actions. Aside from not being able to walk and take convenient mobility, a person confined to a wheelchair has greater problems when it is time to take a shower. Often, caregivers and assistants would bathe the person because the handicap would not facilitate for easier and effective movement inside the shower room.

Consequently, the patient would feel more invalid and worthless. To boost the morale of the person, it would be good if people around would treat the person like he or she is able to do important and basic tasks. Thus, when you purchase a shower wheelchair for your loved one, you would drastically and significantly help make the person feel more important and able to do simple things.

The use of shower wheelchair

A shower wheelchair is particularly useful for people who are confined to the wheelchair. The handicapped person may not feel totally comfortable and at ease to use the fixed fixtures inside the shower room like the benches and the chairs. To be able to offset such a problem, the shower wheelchair is specifically and especially designed to give the user comfort when moving inside the shower room.

The shower wheelchair also has a specified height that would enable the user to reach for soap and shampoo more easily. Thus, the person would only need to transfer into the shower wheelchair whenever there is a need to take a shower or even a through bath. And doing the activity is also easily facilitated by the special design. Thus, the user would not need special attention and assistance from other people, giving him or her a form of special independence.

Special features of a shower wheelchair

What makes the shower wheelchair useful and advisable to purchase are the special features that make it up. As mentioned, the shower wheelchair is specifically and especially designed to enable the user to reach at towering fixtures inside the shower room like soap dispensers and shower control. What’s more, the shower wheelchair has a height that is easily adjustable that even the user could easily make the specific adjustments.

Other than that, the shower wheelchair is also made of stainless steel that would ensure that the equipment would not rust even when wet. There are also shower wheelchairs that are made up of plastic. Thus, there is nothing to worry about when the user is taking a shower.

As for the overall design of the shower wheelchair, there is an opened seat that is almost similar to a typical toilet seat. This opening is helpful and necessary because it would allow easier access of the user to his or her own underside. There is also an waterproof seat and in most cases, backrests that would make for overall and boosted comfort.

However, there is on specific fixture requirement before the shower wheelchair becomes totally useful. The shower wheelchair could only be used within roll-in stalls for shower. The shower must be designed to facilitate the use of wheelchairs in it. There must also be grip bars around the shower room so that the shower wheelchair user would move around more easily and more safely. Grip bars are designed and are installed to provide wheelchair users with more assistance.

Buying the shower wheelchair

Anyone could easily purchase a shower wheelchair. Such an equipment is readily available in several medical equipment stores or at specialty shops for wheelchairs. There are also online stores and online shopping sites that are distributing shower wheelchairs through online transactions. When taking the online purchase, you would be asked to choose from a brochure of products, make payments electronically using a credit card account and wait fro some time as the delivery is processed.

On the average, each shower wheelchair typically costs within a range of between $200 and $900. There could be discounts when purchases are made from conventional stores rather than online.

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There is a specific special equipment that would help wheelchair-confined people to take showers independently. Introducing the shower wheelchair. The equipment is specially designed and manufactured to help the disabled more freely and comfortably within the shower room.

Shower Chairs and Bathrooms

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Shower Chairs and Bathrooms

Bathrooms have always been considered as among the most important parts of the house. In recent times, most households have always spent considerable amount of investment and efforts in making sure the bathroom looks and stays elegant. Nowadays, bathrooms still have that effect. To be able to boost the usability and safety of the bathroom, it is advisable to install shower chairs within.

Not too many households use shower chairs. That is because such accessories have always been considered as unnecessary fixtures or accessories in that part of the house. People also have been used to taking quick showers. Thus, they would always prefer to finish taking a shower as fast as they could. And because of that, they need to keep on standing so that they would be on the go. If they sit down while taking a shower, chances are greater that they would linger a little longer in the shower.

But experts and many home interior decorators are reviving the need and fashionability of buying and installing shower chairs. And many are taking heed. That is because the advantages and uses of having shower chairs are becoming more revealed and openly shared across the market.

What are shower chairs?

Shower chairs are small chairs that can be considered as fixtures or accessories. These objects resemble typical and normal chairs only that they are used particularly when taking showers. You might wonder how shower chairs are advisable when in fact the action can be done standing up.

It has been noticeable that most bathroom accidents occur in the shower. That is because the tiles are very slippery and people almost always get exhausted standing up even for a short while taking showers. If there are shower chairs, the person would be sitting down while taking a shower. The chances of slipping or meeting an accident would trimmed down.

Shower chairs are thus becoming one of the popularizing bathroom accessories there are in the market. As people see the need and advantage of using such an accessory, the sales figures of shower chairs are undeniably and apparently shooting up.

Are bathrooms incomplete without shower chairs?

Bathrooms would definitely do without shower chairs. In fact, most bathrooms all over the world are not having shower chairs within them. But because of safety concerns, it is becoming imperative and more advisable to invest in shower chairs. Studies and observations have found that shower chairs help reduce if not totally eliminate accidents inside bathrooms particularly in the shower.

Many interior designers are now including shower chairs when they design showers and bathrooms. The practice has been increasingly becoming popular. Also, kids are becoming fonder of finding and using shower chairs while taking even quick showers.

More importantly, people with walking disability or the handicapped ones are finding shower chairs really useful. That is because as they sue the shower, they practically and logically can never do the process standing up. They need shower chairs where they could comfortably sit down while taking the much needed and very refreshing shower.

Features of modern shower chairs

Shower chairs are not ordinary chairs, however. Thus, it is not advisable to buy wooden shower chairs if there are any in the market. That is because wood almost always expand when subjected to moist, which is normal inside the shower.

Normally and more advisably, shower chairs are made up of ceramics. Ceramics are the perfect materials for manufacturing shower chairs because their surfaces are not easily reactive and they are very firm, almost always resisting breakage.

The height of shower chairs is also given utmost attention. That is because the height influences how the fixture or accessory would be useful. For kids, of course, lower shower chairs and advisable while for adults, average-height shower chairs are imperative.

As for the design, not much importance is given to aesthetic values. As long as shower chairs are functional and useful, they would be of great advantage. Same goes with color as well. Usability is what makes a shower chair truly advantageous.

Plastic shower chairs

Plastic shower chairs are basically less expensive and are lighter in weight, but they are not advisable to have. That is because plastic materials used to manufacture shower chairs are almost always non-durable and are easily breaking.

Though some prefer such shower chairs, experts advise otherwise. Because of light weight, plastic shower chairs are easily falling down and at more instances, breaking apart.

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Shower chairs are becoming important and highly popular fixtures of the bathroom. Such chairs help make showers safer and less risky.

Bathroom Safety for Housholds with Kids

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Bathroom Safety For Households with Kids

Kids are almost always exploring. Because of their curiosity and very playful nature, children are almost always prone to accidents within the basic premises of the home. However, not too many households expect kids to accidentally get inside bathrooms. In several cases already, children are rushed to the hospital or are subjected to major accidents because parents forgot or willingly neglected ensuring bathroom safety.

If you have kids on your household, it would much advisable if you would rearrange how furniture are fixed on the house. Overall safety of kids should be given particular attention. Even in the bathroom, parents should maker sure that the part of the house would completely be free from potential accidents especially if children would slip in and be curious about bathroom fixtures.

Because the bathroom is almost always wet and slippery, it would truly be helpful if that house part would be kept a safe zone for kids. Being a kid-friendly and safe home would help you attain serenity, security and confidence that your kid or kids would always be safe while inside the home. To be able to make the bathroom hassle free and really safe, or be able to ensure bathroom safety, it would be imperative to take note of the following simplified guidelines:

1. Always make sure the lid of the toilet bowl seat is always down. Through ensuring this, you would find your bathroom safe from any form of kid drowning. Even if toilet bowls have water that are not enough to drown any average adult, kids, especially toddlers are at greater risks. Also consider installing toilet bowl seats so that overall safety would be revealed. Rule number one to bathroom safety: keep toilet seats down especially when there are kids around.

2. Make sure the kid would not ever get to the shower and the bathtub areas alone. That is because according to bathroom safety experts, doing so would take the child’s life at risk. First, he might slip and fall because the bathtub is slippery. At the same time, doing so would also pose the risk of drowning especially if there is water in the tub.

3. If there are any garbage cans inside the bathroom, makes sure you do not throw medicines, cleaning supplies, razors and containers of hairsprays at the objects. Otherwise, bathroom safety for kids would be compromised because children may go inside and be curious about the contents of the thrash can. For sure your watchful eye would not allow you to let your children slip out of your sight, but preventive and safety measures should be instilled.

4. To ensure overall bathroom safety, it would be advisable if you would get rid of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Kids might reach the medicines or might stand at fixtures to reach the cabinet. They may accidentally and unknowingly harm themselves by swallowing medicine tablets or drinking syrups. For bathroom safety, medicines and medicine cabinets can be kept elsewhere to get rid of the possibility of occurrence of over dosage.

5. Inspect the electrical wirings inside the bathroom and make sure there are no exposed electric outlets or plug sockets. For your bathroom safety, makes sure the possibility of accidental electrocution would be eliminated.

6. Always turn off heaters when not in use. Kids may accidentally turn knobs and soak themselves wet at the shower. There have been incidences when kids got burns because the water from the shower is too hot. To ensure bathroom safety, place the heaters at locations that really could not be reached by children even if they try so hard.

7. To ensure overall bathroom safety, make sure the bathroom door is always closed. There are accessories that would ensure that the door is always closed. If the doors are shut, kids would not be able to slip in and bathroom safety would be upheld.

On top of all these bathroom safety tips, it would also be advisable if you would put mats or easy-dry carpets on the floor so the tiles would not get too slippery. Kids would easily slip and fall to the floor if the flooring of the bathroom remains very slippery. Also keep the overall cleanliness of the bathroom monitored and well kept. Doing so would help ensure overall bathroom safety.

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Bathroom safety is very important especially when there are kid around. Children are more prone to bathroom accidents. Thus, the most you could do is to make sure the kids remain safe even if they accidentally checks out the bathroom on their own.

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