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August 8, 2007

Enhancing Bathroom Safety

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Enhancing Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is probably the most accident-prone area in the house. Unfortunately, it is where people spend almost half their lives. Ensuring bathroom safety is very prudent. Slips and falls inside the bathroom can result to serious injuries, if not death. In addition to this, the possibility of drowning and electrocution is also high. For families with children, bathroom safety is very important. Your bathroom actually contains much hazardous objects and these little tykes might be attracted to the things inside your bathroom.

According to the United States National Health Statistics, there are actually over 200,000 bathroom safety-related accidents every year. This means that about 70 percent of the total American homes experiences some sort of accident inside the bathroom. With numbers this high, you should be very vigilant and cautious when it comes to bathroom safety. Sometimes, people believe that keeping the bathroom floor dry is enough to constitute safety. Think again, there are actually a lot you can do to enhance bathroom safety.


When enhancing bathroom safety, you should never forget the bathtub. These tubs can pose serious risks whether or not contains water. To make sure that no untoward incident happens, your bathtub by placing a non-slip math, putting adhesive strips, covering the faucet with a soft cover and checking the grip bars regularly in case it loosened. Of course, it is very important that your child should not be left alone, even for as short as 30 seconds. Drowning incidents are quite frequent in the bathtub and a part of your bathroom safety, guarantee adult supervision at all times.


When thinking of improving bathroom safety, parents should remember that toddlers are very adventurous. Even toilets can become quite interesting for them. But your child’s disproportionably-sized heads relative to their bodies will increase their chances of falling head-first into the toilet. Even though it may contain only a small amount of water, the risk of the child drowning is quite high and parents should take extra measures to promote bathroom safety. Some parents even attach or install toilet seat locks, minimizing the chances of downing. Of course, parents should also keep an eye on their child whenever he is in the bathroom to guarantee bathroom safety. Never, under any circumstances, leave your toddler by himself inside the bathroom.

Garbage Can

You may not be aware of it but garbage cans are important component of bathroom safety. You might be throwing away hazardous waste in your trash without realizing it. Things like bathroom cleaners, razors, used cleaning supplies, expired medication and many more can also result to serious medical emergencies especially among toddlers. To prevent this and ensure bathroom safety, avoid throwing these things in your bathroom garbage can and instead, take them out of the house where your child will have no access to it.

Electrical Risks

Since water is always present in the bathroom, you should make sure that none of your electrical appliances will have any contact with it. To promote bathroom safety, purchase plugs for the outlets or sockets in your bathroom. These plugs are usually made of plastic, easy to install and available in almost all baby-supplies shops. Another important thing to remember for bathroom safety is to unplug all electrical appliances like hair dryers and razors when not in use.

Medicine Cabinet

Since your medicine cabinet is full of substances that could result to poisoning or overdose, you should ensure that your child will not have easy access to it. As part of guaranteeing bathroom safety, you should make sure that your medicine cabinet is way out of your child’s reach. Prescription medicine and drugs should be kept in a more secured place, away from your child’s prying hands. In addition to all these bathroom safety tips, you should also choose medicine containers that come with child-proof caps. This way, even if your child gets a hold of these medicines, they would not be easy to open.

Discovering that the bathroom is a safety hazard especially for your child, you must have realized that vigilance is needed very much. If you can not guarantee that you will be able to look after your child every single minute of the day, you can always choose to install a simple lock like a hook-and-eye so that you can close the bathroom there whenever no one is using it. Naturally, all members of your family should cooperate when it comes to enhancing bathroom safety. Just remember that prevention is the easiest way you can accomplish this.

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